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Balchen/Post Award Outstanding Achievement in Airport Snow and Ice Control The Balchen/Post Award ceremony held at the Annual InternationalAviation Snow Symposium in Buffalo, New York. The award, which recognizes excellence in the performance of airport snow and ice removal, was presented to the "snow crews" of the airports in the Snow Belt for their dedicated efforts in maintaining their airports in safe and operational status during winter season. All categories of airports - commercial, general aviation and military - throughout the United States and Canada compete for this award. The award, formerly called the Balchen Award, was named for the Arctic explorer and aviator Col. Bernt Balchen. The award now also honors Wiley Post, who along with Balchen was one of the founders of the International Aviation Snow Symposium. Nominations for this award come from users of airports, including airlines, airline pilots, general aviation personnel, business aircraft pilots, regional airlines, the military and even non-airport users such as hotel owners, parking lot and ground transportation operators, chambers of commerce and so forth. These individuals and organizations nominate local airports to recognize their ability to stay operational at all times for business purposes. Nominated airports are categorized according to their size. The six categories are small general aviation airports, large general aviation airports, small commercial airports, medium commercial airports, large commercial airports and military airports. The Selections Committee for the award consists of 10 members from various organizations, including, NBAA. The awards that our airport has won are listed below: 

TwinCities Airport/Ross Field Michigan           
1978 Runner-Up
1986 Runner-Up
1989 Winner

SouthwestMichigan Regional Airport Michigan

1994 Winner

1995 Winner
1997 Winner

2001 Winner

2002 Winner

2003 Honorable Mention

2005 Winner
2006 Winner

2007 Winner
2008 Honorable Mention

2009 Winner
2010 Winner                                                                                                                                 2014 Honorable Mention